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Veritas Health & Wealth Summit

September 24th • Belcarra, BC, Canada

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Nestled between forest and ocean, replenish your spirit and soak in timeless principles. Question your beliefs on health and wealth.

A healthy body is important but more important is a healthy mind and healthy heart.

Material wealth is necessary to live in society but more important is the breath of life experiences and the depth of your relationships.

Gain wisdom and insight into the few things that make the most profound differences in your life to make you healthier and wealthier each day.


Our Wise Sages

Thumbnail of Dr. Azra Raza

Dr. Azra Raza

Chief Oncologist, Cancer scientist, poet


To cure cancer for the hearts of all people.

Thumbnail of Dr. Chris Knobbe

Dr. Chris Knobbe

Ophthalmologist & Leading Expert on Ancestral Diets


To radically alter conventional beliefs about the root cause of modern day diseases.

Thumbnail of Perry Marshall

Chris Froome

Olympian, 4x Tour de France Winner


To inspire the world to excel by performing at the highest level of cycling.

Thumbnail of Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

#1 Expert on 80/20 for Entrepreneurs & Founder of $10M Evolution 2.0 Prize


To start a new renaissance and heal the rift between science and religion.

Thumbnail of Dr. Alan Barnard

Dr. Alan Barnard

Leading decision scientist and Theory of Constraits advisor to the world's biggest brands


To remove the bottlenecks of life so one can live life freely.